Red Velvet Mousse Cake


Cake Flavour: Red velvet
Type of Sponge Base: Red velvet
Type of Cream: Whipped cream
Filling in Layers: Sugar syrup, whipped cream and mousse mix
Toppings: Whipped cream, gel, red velvet crumbs, fresh fruits, and chocolate garnish

A classic red velvet tastes better when in a mousse cake! Try it out for yourself, order online now!


Mr Eddie’s Delivery Information

Every cake is an art and every baker is an artist.

The bakers and chefs at Brown Bear take special care to handcraft the cakes from scratch. Every cake designer in our team has their own unique approach to baking and a distinctive sense of style. This means that the look of the cakes may vary but good taste, my good people, is guaranteed!

The chosen time of delivery is only an estimate and may vary from one location to the other.

We usually make it a point to keep our stocks up but when amazing people like you shower your love upon us, some products may go out of stock. Thus, delivery is subject to availability.

Our high standards of quality and taste are of utmost importance. We do not intend to deliver anything less than freshly baked cakes. Thus, check your cart and delivery address details thoroughly. Once the order is placed, the address cannot be changed.


Mr Eddie’s Care Instructions 

While we know that you will take good care of these lovely cakes, we still want to do our part by letting you know the standard rules.

Rule 1 –

Cream cakes go in the fridge and fondant cakes are stored in an air-conditioned environment only.

Rule 2 –

Our cakes and heat do not get along well. Keep them away from each other!

Rule 3 –

Cakes taste best when consumed within 24 hours. Not that you will need more time.

Rule 4 –

Enjoy the cake because you deserve it and so much more!

Additional information


1 Kg


Eggless, With Egg


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