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Chocolate Tin Cake (1 Kg)

A small but mighty cake made with layers of rich chocolate sponge and


Rasmalai Tin Cake (1 Kg)

A compact version of the rasmalai cake, perfect for individual servings or gifting,


Chocolate KitKat Cake (1.4 KG)

A fun and exciting cake made with layers of chocolate sponge and crushed


Pista Cake

A nutty and delicious cake made with layers of soft sponge and crushed


Blueberry Cake

A refreshing cake made with layers of light sponge and fresh blueberries, finished


Rasmalai Cake

A unique and delightful cake that combines the flavors of traditional Indian dessert


Chocolate Chip Cake

A delicious cake made with chocolate sponge and studded with chocolate chips, finished

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