Top 10 flavours of cakes for all occasions

Why Choose Brown Bear Bakers for the Best Birthday Cakes in Hyderabad?

There is nothing like cake.

Cake is an integral part of any and all occasions and celebrations in India.

The beauty of cake is that it comes in any flavour, shape and size that you want and show me the very first fight to its very last it makes you smile like nothing else.

However, the biggest challenge while choosing online cake delivery in Hyderabad is to finalise on a cake flavour that will please everybody and will not be something that leave a sour taste in the guests’ mouths. 

We have brought to you the top 10 flavours of cakes that can go for any and all locations and will be liked by all guests. 

  1. Pineapple

Do we even have to say why pineapple is our topmost choice?

The pineapple flavour is the most famous and most loved flavour of cakes universally. Not only does it bring back reminiscing memories of childhood for many people but is also one of the most comforting cakes available out there.

While choosing to order cake online in Hyderabad, we would like you to note that Pineapple cake is something that makes everyone leave wanting for more and isn’t that the whole purpose of ordering a cake for literally everyone?

The pineapple cake these days come in a variety of flavours in terms of dressings and toppings. Few of the the best pineapple cakes are the ones that have freshly cut pineapples as a topping combined with a fresh batch of whipped cream spread over the cake very smoothly and beautifully.

Even for people who do not enjoy desserts and cakes, pineapple is not something that they would outrightly reject! 

  1. Chocolate 

If you’re looking to order cakes online, Chocolate is the most popular flavour after pineapple. 

From children to teenagers to adults, chocolate is not something people can say no to easily. 

Whether on diet or making healthy choices, a scrumptious piece of a velvety chocolate cake will never go untouched by any at a party. 

Did you know that the main ingredient of this cake is cocoa, a very popularly known ingredient to make the brain release endorphins. Endorphins is more popularly known as a “feel good“ hormone.

You may have come across people who do not just celebrate with chocolate cake but also eat this cake when they are sad or feeling heavy. The very property of chocolate is not to be sweet. The dark and bitter chocolate is true chocolate and has the potential to lighten the mood.

Chocolate is also known to contain antioxidants which are good for the skin.

Interesting fact is that, the very first recipe of a chocolate cake goes back to an 1847 Cook book written by Eliza Leslie. While the formula may have changed over the years, people’s love for chocolate cake hasn’t.

  1. Caramel

One of the best cakes online is Caramel. 

Caramel originates from the Europeans regions. As one of the 1st non-recipes of caramel cake was the Doberge Tort – a multi-layered dessert with lots of cake and lots of frosting. 

The discovery of caramel though can be traced back to literally 1000 A.D. 

It was initially used to make candies and now as we know it, is one of the most loved cake flavours around the world. 

Why do people love caramel so much, you ask? 

Well, the very fact that it is a perfect combination of sweet and salty balances out the eater’s taste palette, leaving behind a lingering taste of both and leaving the eater wanting for more. 

Not only that, if you are planning on hosting a party, a freshly baked caramel cake will not only have people walking towards it but also talking about it! 

People who know the cake, love the cake. People who don’t, will love to taste it and will be eager to find out more about this unique cake. Caramel, by far, is one of the most unique cake choices for a party! 

  1. Butterscotch 

Butterscotch cake has a very unique and unforgettable flavour which is extremely hard to resist and impossible to forget. Ordering one of the best and most decadent cakes like the butterscotch will become the highlight of your food counter.

What makes it so unique is its smooth and velvety texture, the soft Crombie interiors and the crispy scotches filled in every bite.

Did you know that the unique flavour of butterscotch actually comes from the brown sugar that is extracted from molasses. The aroma of freshly baked butterscotch cake is hard to resist.

There are three major components of a butterscotch cake Aai that is, it’s light and fluffy layer of vanilla cake and butterscotch sauce, or the sauce the home-made unique butterscotch sauce is all that you need in life and the third and most important layer is its unique frosting. It can be frosted by literally anything. From butter cream, too with cream to freshly cut pineapple to caramelise scotches and more.

  1. Black Forest

One of the oldest and most popular recipes of the world is the black forest cake. Yes, you read that right. Historians are of the opinion that black forest cake can be traced back to literally the 1500 alongside the discovery of chocolate. Do you know why this cake is named so? Well, black forest cake was invented in the black forest region of Germany known for its source cherries. It is a classic German cake recipe made with three wonderful layers of chocolate cake, cherry filling and whipped cream topping alongside some cherries and grated chocolate.

Black forest cake is one of the most ordered cakes in the city of Hyderabad and is one that is loved by many and all. Not only does it bring back wonderful memories but is also a cake that will be eaten by all and resisted by none.

  1. Vanilla 

Vanilla is one of the most conventional and simplest cakes on the market and yet it is a showstopper every time at every party. Why is it the most loved cake is still a mystery and will probably remain so for the rest of time.

Our guess is that it is not too bland, not too sweet and not too adventurous. Vanilla cake is one that wins hearts everywhere. It has a very sweet and buttery flavour with a fluffy and light texture and is something that literally melts in the mouth with every bite.

  1. Red Velvet 

Red Velvet cake, although presumed to be costly and unaffordable, is in fact one of the most popular cakes and extremely simple one too. 

The texture of this cake is what makes it stand out the most. 

It also has one of the most unique flavours and all-in-all, it is so good that you would want to write home about this cake. 

Many believe that the best part about this cake is its velvety texture and its cream cheese frosting. 

We would therefore recommend this cake to anybody and everyone. 

Like we said, people who know it, love it, people who don’t, might just discover their new favorite cake flavour! Either way, it’s 100% worth the order. 

As one of the most popular bakeries of Hyderabad- Brown Bear says, “baking is an art”. 

We couldn’t agree more! 

While you go and order your cake, we’ll go and order ours. 

Have a great party!

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